Friday, 17 July 2009

Afternoon all ! Just logged on to update my weekly blog featuring one of my Etsy friends only to Find that Etsy is under site maintenance and i cant get it will come back to my featured seller later .

I have to mention my good friends Eva Mutter and Craig Sanders (soon to be MR & MRS Sanders) at
Eva and met while working together in a bar when we were students and have been friends ever since. They photographed both my sisters and my wedding day .. wee selection of mine below...

I love to go on their blog and have a nosey, they are so busy we don't get to catch up much so its the best way to find out what they are up to !
Besides wedding photography they also do portraits and fashion among others.
Baby boy and i popped up for lunch recently and Eva got us in the studio and snapped some amazing photos of him .....

She truly is a miracle worker, Ethan was VERY reluctant to stay still or pose and i was in awe with the result, how my dirty bashed scraped and bruised little boy was transformed into the cherub in the photos above is amazing ! They are a truly talented pair and i highly recommend a stroll around their website they will always be my first choice.
I have to apologise that the link function seems to be on the blink ! i am trying to get it working again in the meantime please just copy and paste into the URL box the links i post are all worth a look !
Well I am off for the moment Etsy is still down so i will be back later with my stay pick of the week from a jewellery designer.....


  1. he is too those eyes!

  2. hey Dawn

    Love your new blog design! Very shabby chic.