Friday, 10 July 2009

Birthday Thoughts and Afternoon Walks

Hubbys 30th draws closer every day and still not organised... desperatly searching for the perfect gift for him .
Planning a BBQ in the garden (weather permiting) the joy of the Scottish weather.

Although i am stuck for gifts... these gorgeous monogramed notecards by Pretty Paper Passions may just be the perfect thank you notes !

Pretty Paper Passions is one of my new etsy friends due to some recent family losses decided to stop putting her dreams off till tomorrow and jump in with both feet and start her own business.... not thats something to be proud of !

Pretty Paper Passions is offering FREE shipping when you order three or more items
pop along to and see all the gorgeous items they have to offer !

Spent a lovely afternoon recently with my gorgeous boy walking and playing football
been working so hard recently on the run up to craft fair season now all my stock is made i decided to have 4 weeks off from making anything ... still promoting, thinking or ideas for winter and trawling the pages of Etsy on an hourly basis though !!

Summer time can be so hard keeping them occupied all our toddler groups are finished so we have to get out and about as much as possible to keep mummy sane !

Still throwing stones by the river with Ethan is much more fun than trawling Etsy !
not so much fun when we tried to leave and he just waded into the river in protest ... looks like i might have my hands full with this one.

Until next week ... see you all later

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